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Navigating a Complex Cybersecurity Environment

The rate and sophistication of cyberattacks increases every year. Meanwhile, as you make progress on your digital transformation efforts, your digital estate continues to expand making it increasingly difficult to protect. This reality creates a lot of pressure on your security team to protect against new threats and attacks.

In this complex cybersecurity technology landscape, many organizations often purchase best-of-breed solutions to address each new threat. This creates a vast patchwork of security solutions that leave your company even more vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Hard to Find Personnel or not enough skilled personnel


SOC over relies on tech instead of proper staffing​


Teams are overloaded with information and tooling

Growing Landscape

Ever-expanding digital estate is difficult to protect

Complex Solutions

Too many vendors and products to manage increases risk profile

Mounting Costs

Increasing costs and risks to protect landscape and manage complexity

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of cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses


of organizations lose revenue during an attack

average dollar amount spent by companies victimized by cyberattacks


increase in identity attacks over the past year

About NOVO Secure

Our best-in-class, seamlessly integrated MSSP solutions consolidate your security portfolio while providing the security you need to prevent cybersecurity threats, respond to ransomware attacks, and maintain a secure workplace environment.

Best-in-Class Security

Best-in-Class Security

Our unique security offering is founded on the NIST frameworks, the gold standard for cybersecurity.

We use the same enterprise security suite as the Department of Defense and most Fortune 500 companies.

Simplified Protection

Simplified Protection

Using Microsoft Enterprise Security allows us to replace up to 26 of the more vulnerable 3rd-party vendors with a single, highly-integrated solution.

Scalable for Your Needs


We focus on building a scalable security program for you that integrates with your organization at every level without impacting critical business functions.

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