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with Little or No Downtime

Modernize Your Workplace

A modern, work-from-anywhere environment is a must to attract fresh talent and remain competitive. Migrating to the cloud allows your employees to work from anywhere, protects your company from cybersecurity threats and data loss, and increases efficiencies.

Yet, migrating to the cloud can seem overwhelming. How disruptive will the migration be to the company? How much will it cost? Our fully-managed cloud migration services are designed to alleviate your concerns.

NOVO uses Microsoft’s proven framework for cloud migrations that provides little-to-no downtime. Our ROI calculator verifies your cost savings and return on investment.

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Reduce Liability

Reduce Liability

    • Protect the Enterprise
    • Minimize Data Loss
    • Prevent Downtime
    • Mitigate Risk through Compliance
    • Cyber Security Liability Insurance

Increase Flexibility

Increase Flexibility

    • Work from Anywhere
    • Improve Collaboration
    • Scale IT Infrastructure Quickly
    • Enable Software Integration
    • Manage Devices and Deploy Applications Remotely

Manage Growth

Manage Growth

    • Focus on Core Business
    • Minimize Cap-Ex Increases
    • Attract Top Talent
    • Increase Competitiveness
    • Increase Staff Engagement
    • Better Data-Driven Decisions

NOVO Cloud Migration Framework

Migrate for True Mobility

Our fully managed cloud migration services are designed to alleviate your concerns and prepare your businesses to migrate to the cloud. NOVO provides solutions through each stage of process as you move from the rigid world of physical computing to the flexible, unified, and true mobility of the cloud.

Step One


Discover current state, determine best cloud model, and provide migration strategy and schedule.

Step Two


Build environment, integrate applications and networks, configure devices and policies, stage, test, and verify.



Stabilize environment, train team, manage configuration, manage IDs, monitor cloud, and optimize costs/uses.

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NOVOCloud | Cloud Migration Services

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Cloud Migration
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