Insurance Premiums are Increasing Faster than the Demand for Oil?

Lock Down Your Cyber Security Premiums & Requirements

Oil & Gas organizations are prime targets for cyber threats and security requirements are increasing with the threats.

Insurance premiums have skyrocketed in the face of increased claims and payouts. Premiums increases exploded in the last 3 years between 23% to 300% along with an increase in cyber insurance requirements.

How do you control Cyber Premiums?

NOVO’s delivers enterprise level tools rarely available to small to midsized business to protect your people, operations, and systems…anytime, anywhere and meets all Cyber Controls insurance companies are requiring.

Cyber Insurance Premium Increases

Comply with the 9 Cyber Insurance Requirements…Out of the Box

Data Breach Response and Notification

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Cyber Extortion and Ransomware

Business Interruption and Loss of Income

Network Security Liability

Third-Party Liability

Intellectual Property Protection

Privacy Liability

Incident Response and Remediation

“NOVO modernized our infrastructure and communications so that we were prepared to transition to working remotely, intelligently and safely.”

Carlos Ofosu | CIO, HEYCO Energy Group

Insurance Premiums are Increasing Faster than the Demand for Oil?

Encrypted & Redundant Environment

8,000+ Policies fast highly secure configurations

Automated Response & Monitoring

Save Up to 40% Over Traditional Solutions

98% Faster Setup From 2 weeks to 2 hours

Microsoft investing $30B in the next 3 years

Cyber Security Relied Upon by DoD & Fortune 500 Companies…

Available for SMB Companies

The NOVO Difference

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