NOVO comes from the Latin word meaning “new.” In legal terms, de NOVO translates to “from the new” –  a de NOVO trial occurs when a court decides all issues in a case, as if the case was being heard for the first time. This is an excellent metaphor for how NOVO works with clients. We holistically review your technical systems, your business processes, your security and compliance needs – and most importantly discuss not where you are, but where you want your business to be in the future.

We also look at “new” in terms of modern. We take great pride in helping businesses modernize because we deliver measurable results in increasing efficiency and reducing risk. We ask our clients:

“Are you keeping up with the rate of change surrounding your business?”

The speed of change is faster than ever. We look at your needs “from the new.” There is nothing we can do to impact what’s in your rearview mirror (other than learn from it). Our role is to be forward thinking, to look through your windshield and develop your dashboards so we can help you hit your milestones.

NOVO brings a new set of solutions to improve the old ways. Cybersecurity is vital. Compliance management is critical. Risk mitigation is imperative. But none of these grow your business or increase efficiencies. Many IT departments have been relegated to cybersecurity and compliance police. While it’s important, it’s also the old model.

We help you look at your business goals, business processes, and business intelligence in a fresh and meaningful way. We take a new approach to your digital systems from IT security to collaborative meetings, data and file sharing, productive video calls, and we create an impactful alignment with your employees and the technology tools they yield.

NOVO combines proven tools and methodologies with the overall growth and efficiency drivers for your business. We simply call it “modernizing your digital workplace.” Our name is a daily reminder that with NOVO, you get a partner who thinks differently, who understands your business, and who delivers measurable results. With NOVO, you truly get something new.